About Us

The principal goal of Ferrum Energy, established in 1984, is to cover the demand for equipment and services in hydrocarbon and related markets. Our reliability and professionalism has strengthened the brand over the years, leaving an effective imprint on every company where we have carried out projects.

Ferrum Energy offers unique solutions and services to the petroleum, engineering and energy markets, providing our own solutions as well as those of our exclusive prestigious international partners,  for which we promote through marketing strategies, advertising and direct contact with the customers.

Our work team consists of highly qualified, multidisciplinary professionals to ensure quality service in the various areas of the hydrocarbon industry.

We also offer engineering and procurement to the petroleum sector for “Turnkey Projects (EPC)” to adapt or enhance fuel distribution plants, storage terminals, flow stations, product pipelines, docks, etc. In addition to providing high quality solutions and products, we also offer specialized expertise for implementing projects, in the installation of our equipment and systems, providing maintenance support at the forefront of new generational challenges to ensure a timely response and an immediate solution to any request.

  • Mission

    To offer quality services and products to the petroleum and related markets, innovating and transforming ideas to providing integral solutions, and form our valuable human resources, which drives the profitability of our organization.

  • Vision

    To be recognized as a leading innovator of high quality services and solutions for the hydrocarbon sector, providing all our clients with immediate support through innovation and cuttingedge technology to boost our international growth.

  • Actions with Values

    We act with honesty, responsibility and transparency to build relationships based on trust, and strive with commitment on every project to meet our customers’ expectations.

    • Commitment
    • Ethics
    • Responsibility
    • Honesty

Wide Coverage

We maintain high standards and offer our own solutions to meet the growing needs of the worldwide oil and energy market.

Customized solutions

We design packaged solutions with our own engineering that include specialized advice adapted to your needs.

Quality and Technology

Strength backed by our partners’ international prestige and our own equipment developed with cutting edge technology to innovate in the face of new global challenges.

Guaranteed attention

With more than 30 years of experience, the commitment, dedication and high quality work of our people guarantees you the best service and attention.