Oil and gas solutions

Fuel Oil Unloading Skids

The FUEL UNLOADING SKIDS are designed for unloading one or various fuel trucks simultaneously. Each unloading bay could be equipped with several unloading hoses with couplings depending on the number of trucks to receive simultaneously.   The skid mounted system is provided with level controls, control valve, flow meter, air eliminator, strainer, pressure and differential pressure meters to function automatically. The flow meter measures the fuel supplied to the power plant.    We can also supply a  touchscreen based process computer located in the control room at the unloading area to provide information  of the system. The PLC can be remotely accessed troubleshooting and update.



  • Crude Oil and Gas Treatment in Production Areas (Injection of Demulsifier, Antifoaming Agent, Asphaltene Dispersant, etc.)
  • Water Treatment Plants (Injection of Biocide, Corrosion Inhibitor, Flocculant, Scale Inhibitor, etc.)

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